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Bachelor degree:

3PS212 Organizational Behavior
3PS323 Psychology and its Application
3PS325 Career Development
3PS326 Psychology
3PS391 Communication and Public Relations
3PS442 Mindfulness in Managerial Practice
3PS443 Psychology of Creativity

Master degree:

Compulsory course for students of study programme “Economics and Management” taught at the Faculty of Business Administration, for other students from other programmes and faculties offered as elective
3PS441 Leadership

Courses of minor specialization 3PG (Managerial Psychology and Sociology):
3PS435 Managerial Psychology
3PS436 Managerial Sociology
3PS437 Application Methods of Social Psychological Research
3PS438 Management of Personal Development
3PS439 Negotiation Skills for Managers
3PS440 Creativity in an Organization
3PS422 Training of Social and Managerial Skills

Courses of minor specialization 3SA (Sales Management):
3PS528 Training of Communication and Presentation Skills for Sales
3PS529 Sales Negotiation
3PS530 Management of Sales Teams

Course of minor specialization 3PR (Project Management):
3PS532 Project Manager’s Competencies

Other courses:
3PS428 Psychology and Sociology of Economical Behavior



Master degree:

3PS624 Cross Cultural Communication and Management
3PS625 Sociology of Virtual Organization
3PS672 Global Management Practice