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BOOK Entrepreneurship: A Psychological Approach

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This book Entrepreneurship: A Psychological Approach enriches our understanding of entrepreneurship from a psychological perspective. It presents the main theoretical concepts, research findings, and practical recommendations developed in the field of the psychology of entrepreneurship. Aiming to make the book easy to read and attractive, there are the different kinds of short illustrative elements included in every chapter. The authors are researchers and teachers of the psychology of entrepreneurship from different European countries. Key representatives in the discipline, investors, top managers and entrepreneurs are also invited to present their ideas. This book will appeal to students in the areas of entrepreneurship, management and work and organizational psychology, as well as to nascent, and experienced, entrepreneurs.


Authors’ profiles
List of frame’s contributors
1.      The entrepreneurial process: An introduction to the psychology of entrepreneurship (Lorraine Uhlaner & Martin Lukes)
2.      Social entrepreneurship (Ute Stephan)
3.      Dispositions of entrepreneurs: Exploring entrepreneurs’ personality characteristics (Andreas Rauch)
4.      Entrepreneurial motivation: Independence, money, self-realization and passion for work (Marjan Gorgievski)
5.      Positive psychology inspirations for entrepreneurship research (Mariola Laguna)
6.      Defining and measuring entrepreneurial success (Dominika Dej)
7.      Planning and entrepreneurial success (Ute Stephan & Marjan Gorgievski)
8.      Opportunity recognition, evaluation and development (Martin Lukes)
9.      Internet marketing for new ventures (Patrycja Rudnicka)
10.  Entrepreneurship and leadership (Juan A. Moriano & Jean-Pierre Lévy)
11.  Managing the growing firm (Lorraine Uhlaner & Martin Lukes)
12.  Corporate entrepreneurship (Juan A. Moriano & Martin Lukes)


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