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17.9.2018 - 14.12.2018 - Classes in Fall Semester 2018/2019

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Papers published by department members in English or in impacted / refereed journals in other languages are listed below:

Kašparová, Eva; Salehi, Sadegh; Nejad, Zahra Pazoki. (2016) The Role of Social Consciousness and Trust in Tackling with Climate Change (A comparative study between Iran and the Czech Republic). Ekonomika a management. 10 (1): 1–9. ISSN 1802-8934.

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Fredricks, Susan M.; Pauknerová, Daniela. (2015) The Impact of Employment Status and Geographic Location; United States, New Zealand, and Czech Republic, on Ethical Choices for Three Business Scenarios. International Journal of Business and Social Science. 6: 43–55. ISSN 2219-1933.

Vich, Marek. (2015) Emerging role of mindfulness research in workplace and it challenges. Central European Business Review (CEBR). 4 (3): 35–47. ISSN 1805-4854.

Bušina, Filip; Koršunova, Jelena Dmitrievna; Surynek, Alois. (2015) Organizacija kontrollingovoj dejatelnosti v češskich mašinostroitelnych kompanijach. Věstnik MGTU „Stankin” 32 (1): 134–138. ISSN 2072-3172.

Fredricks,, Susan M.; Tilley, Elspeth; Pauknerová, Daniela. (2014) Limited gender differences in ethical decision making between demographics in the USA and New Zealand. Gender in Management: An International Journal. 29(3): 126–147. ISSN 1754-2413.

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Pavlica, Karel; Jarošová, Eva; Kaiser, Robert B. (2013) Integrating Management Competencies Development with an Organizational Culture Formation. Organizacija . 46(5): 186–195. ISSN 1318-5454.

Lukeš, Martin. (2013) Entrepreneurs as Innovators: A Multi-Country Study on Entrepreneurs Innovative Behaviour. Prague Economic Papers. 22: 72–84. ISSN 1210-0455.

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Lukeš, Martin; Stephan, Ute; Zdařilová, Eva; Richter, Peter G. (2004) Zdraví jako faktor podnikatelského úspěchu. [Health as a factor of entrepreneurial success.] Psychologie v ekonomické praxi (Applied Industrial Psychology). 1-2, p. 51-63. ISSN 0033-300X

Stephan, Ute; Lukeš, Martin; Richter, Peter G. (2003) A Culture of Entrepreneurial Autonomy and Successful Entrepreneurs on the Eve of EU Enlargement: A Research Proposal for Cross-National Entrepreneurship Research beyond Hofstede’s Dimensions. In: Fink, G., Reichel W., Neyer, A. (Eds.) Theory and Methods in the Study of Intercultural Knowledge and Interaction. IDM Studien, 4, p. 101-118.